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We have completed yet another successful two day “Achieving Life and Career Success” Seminar with the 8th grade class at The Buffalo Public School 33 Bilingual Center. We have presented these seminars annually over the past 12 years at School 33 and have taught roughly 250 students the 7 steps to success. Our intent is to influence a positive transition into high school and provide these 8th graders with tools that will better prepare them to succeed in life. 

Each of the 25 students completed the 7 steps of success process and finished their own personal written “Life Success Plan.” This plan included completion of step 3, “Your Ten Year Goals,” which expands through their next 4 years of high school, 4 years of college, and 2 years into their career. The magic of the 7 step process is it provides a specific step-by-step method to create your own customized written life success plan.

Workbook-Dennis for Blog 5-25-16 

My most significant learning from this seminar was the result of a student’s visualization exercise. Most people use this exercise to visualize on careers, houses, cars, travel, and other parts of their 10 year goals or dreams of success. However this student’s visualization stopped me in my tracks as I read his written visualization stating, “I want to live with my mother.”

We, who have so much in life, have “no understanding” of what it is to lack the core essentials of life. 

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