Dennis Sobotka is an Author, International Business Consultant, Success Mentor, and International Speaker with his two companies, Your Partner in Business (YPIB) and Achieving Success (AS), located in Buffalo, NY, USA. He has been a global business consultant for the past twenty years and his client base includes retailers, suppliers and public & social organizations.

Dennis has been in the field of Business Consulting since 1994. Dennis was a managing partner for the consulting firm, The Partnering Group, from 1994 to 2001. Dennis then formed his own business consulting firm, Your Partner in Business, (YPIB), in 2001. His consulting work has delivered significant results with multi-format retailers and suppliers around the world.



  • Strategic Vision
  • Category Management Best Practices
  • Strategic Category Business Plan Development
  • Action / Implementation
  • Next Generation Store Design
  • Multi-Format Expertise
  • Cluster Marketing
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Developing Successful People

He is one of the international leaders in the development of Next Generation Store Design based on the creation of strategic competitive advantages. His store design work has taken hold in South America, South Africa, India, Europe, China, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Dennis provides his clients with strategic direction to build new stores around their strategic category business plans. This process assists retailers in reinventing their retail format to reflect consumer needs and strategic category roles. Dennis’ success is his philosophy of delivering results and value to his clients. He is presently authoring his second book titled, “Achieving Business Success,” which will focus on the 7 Components to Achieving Business Success.

Dennis started his business career in management at Tops Supermarkets, Inc., a Division of Ahold. His 17 years of experience at Tops included positions as store manager, procurement buyer, merchandising staff coordinator, and director of grocery department responsible for one billion in sales. Dennis’ work included the design and implementation of Category Management; responsible for Store Design/Layout; experience in all line retail functions (store operations, procurement and merchandising, and logistics); experience in a wide range of ECR based initiatives (Electronic Data Interchange, Continuous Replenishment and Quick Response, supplier multi-functional team collaboration). Dennis is a graduate of the State University College at Buffalo with a B.S. in Business Studies, Marketing and Sales.

In addition to his consulting work, Dennis has been presenting his Achieving Success Seminars globally for 20 years to diverse audiences, including senior executives and middle management in retailer and supplier companies; students and underprivileged youth in social organizations; paroles in halfway houses; male and female prisoners residing in correctional facilities; underprivileged adults in labor ready companies; and members of social organizations. Dennis’ Achieving Success Seminars are tailored to meet the needs of these various audiences.  Dennis first book, “Achieving Life and Career Success,” is based on Dennis’ seminars. This book on achieving success contains additional information beyond that which is presented at the seminars. Dennis’ interest and passion is helping each individual to overcome life’s barriers and assist them in achieving their full potential for success.

Dennis’ passion is his odyssey of learning by exploring, discovering, understanding, and incorporating universal wisdom into his daily life. This odyssey of learning is the subject of another of Dennis’ book titled, “Achieving Universal Wisdom.” In this book Dennis describes the 7 Levels to Achieving Universal Wisdom. His intent is to awaken individuals to their untapped universal potential and provide them with alternative means of learning. He offers his readers non-traditional methodologies that stimulate their conscious and subconscious self toward achieving higher awareness and usage of their universal energies.

He is married to his wife Patricia of 40 years and they have 3 adult children. He has traveled the world with his family and continues to be an integral part of their lives. His interests include outdoor activities, traveling, physical sports, and his odyssey of learning. Dennis will always be a student first, and then teacher, as he thrives on increasing his knowledge in all areas of his life and career.





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