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“Having collaborated with Dennis Sobotka for over a decade, I am thrilled that he is sharing his incredible knowledge. . . . This highly organized system has resulted in clearly defined future plans, strong self-confidence, and healthy relationships with self and others.

Whether 15 years old or 50, anyone and everyone’s life can be improved and enriched by incorporating Dennis’ methods for setting direction, accepting personal responsibility and spending time with intention.”

Elizabeth Porterfield, MS, MS.Ed., LMHC
New York State Certified School Counselor

“We have collaborated with Dennis at Casa Ley for the last 13 years, mostly on the Business Field with outstanding results. Dennis’ “Achieving Life and Career Success” Seminar, exceeded all the expectations we had. Directors, Managers and Middle Management have experienced it with great results. . . .  He is not an “academic” he is a full practitioner of all the concepts he shares in his seminars.”

Lic. Olga Esthela Quiroz Ruiz,
Director of Merchandising, Casa Ley

“As a Principal and Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services, I see the value of assisting students with a process and graphic organizers to focus their thoughts, reflections and goals. Your well-designed success workbook, “Achieving Life and Career Success,” gave the students an easy structure to follow and continue to use throughout their life. . .  Your message is a powerful one.”

Rosanne G. Inserra,
Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services,
Phoenix, Arizona

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