1 – Define Success
2 – Your Path of Life
3 – Your Ten-Year Goals
4 – Attitudes & Disciplines
5 – Creative Visualization
6 – Cloud of Unknowing
7 – Odyssey of Learning



Dennis has been a global business consultant for the past twenty years and his client base includes retailers, suppliers, and public & social organizations.

  • 7 Step Process to Achieving Success
  • Odyssey of Learning / Cloud of Unknowing
  • Visualization / The Magical Tool
  • Customized Presentations




The Achieving Life & Career Success shares the 7 step process that provides a specific step-by-step method to create your own customized written life success plan. This personalized success plan is unique and powerful with results that have delivered significant life and career changes.

These products can be used by individuals or groups interested in using the correct tools to define and achieve their success. Sponsorship of these products by companies or organizations can increase their recognition and involvement in their community.

The textbook is available in a 6×9 paperback, 6 x 9 hardback, and kindle versions.




The Success Plan is a personalized booklet consisting of blank worksheets that correspond to the exercises taught in the Achieving Life & Career Success book, workbook and seminar workshops. When used in conjunction with the book, workbook or seminar, the completed booklet offers you a condensed summary of your own personalized success plan.

It can then be easily shared with spouses, family, friends, coaches, teachers, and special people in your life.

The plan booklet is available in a 8 1/2 by 11 coil bound with heavy paper stock to make it easy for your notetaking and recording answers.




The Achieving Life & Career Success Workbook is a combination book and workbook. First it contains the original Achieving Life & Career Success book with the 7 step process for success. Second, the workbook takes you step by step through the text reading followed by the exercise workshops. It provides you with completed 8.5×11 worksheet examples and blank worksheet to assist you in completing the exercises. These worksheets can be used in conjunction with the book, as well as those presented at the Achieving Life & Career Success seminars and classroom instructions.

The completed worksheets will reflect each individual’s own defined plan for success in their life following the 7 step process. This workbook is effective for both individuals and in a group or classroom setting as it is complete and ready to be used. 



“As a Principal, I see the value of assisting students with a process and graphic organizers to focus their thoughts, reflections and goals. Your well-designed booklet gave the students an easy structure to follow and continue to use throughout their life. Many concepts covered in your workshops apply to their future as adults in the workforce. Self-awareness and assurance in their personal lives will be an outcome from this experience. The students appeared actively involved in each workshop and engaged in the learning activities. Their participation demonstrated the relevance they found in your presentation. To maintain the attention from students who possess focusing difficulties as well as behavior problems, speaks for itself.

Your personal touch with positive reinforcements and a sense of humor added to the day. Culminating with a certificate added a final touch that documented your sincerity and individualization of this program.

I encourage you to continue with these seminars for children, young teens and adults. You have a great deal of insight and much to offer people who need direction and self-disciplines. Your message is a powerful one.”

Rosanne G. Inserra,
Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services,
Phoenix Arizona

“Having collaborated with Dennis Sobotka for over a decade, I am thrilled that he is sharing his incredible knowledge. Working in a large urban school district and serving students with diverse language proficiencies, cultures, and experiences, I have witnessed how Mr. Sobotka’s program has encouraged adolescent students to identify priorities, challenges, and dreams. This highly organized system has resulted in clearly defined future plans, strong self-confidence, and healthy relationships with self and others.

Whether 15 years old or 50, anyone and everyone’s life can be improved and enriched by incorporating Dennis’s methods for setting direction, accepting personal responsibility, and spending time with intention.

If you’re looking for a structure and techniques designed to support the creation of meaning and happiness, Dennis Sobotka’s approach is for you.”

Elizabeth Porterfield, MS, MS.Ed., LMHC
New York State Certified School Counselor

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