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Conscious Awareness (Reality & Potential)

Welcome to this leading-edge Conscious Awareness section of achieving success. This section of the website is intended for those who are curious and interested in learning more about their higher level of consciousness as well as those individuals who are already awakened to it. For those of you beginning this new journey, you will be introduced to concepts that reach beyond your traditional teachings.  However, if you are one of those individuals already enlightened, then this section will challenge you and provide the 7 phases of understanding to help you on your path to higher levels of consciousness.   

This is a brief overview of the 7 phases of understanding of the True World Reality in balance with Full Universal Potential. In addition to this Free PDF Overview, we are offering you a free seven day download learning series that provides more detail for each of the 7 phases of understanding Conscious Awareness. After reading this overview, please consider signing up for the free seven day learning series.

Let us begin by examining the two pyramid charts at the top of this document.

True World Reality

The first pyramid titled True World Reality represents the greater awareness of what truly is going on in the world today. It is our effort to unravel the mind-controlled syndrome that most people are inflicted with by the controlled media and government propaganda which engulfs us every day. What you see and listen to through all sources of controlled media influences your thoughts and beliefs.  If you have seen the movie “The Matrix,” you may understand the concept that we live in an environment where most of our news and information is controlled by secretive organizations who are manipulating your mind into believing what they want you to believe.

Full Universal Potential

The second inverted pyramid is labeled Full Universal Potential and characterizes the various levels of emotional and mental vibrations that you strive for in expanding your Conscious Awareness. Our bodies and minds were designed to reach substantially higher levels of accomplishments and successes in our lives than most actually achieve. A key factor inhibiting our growth potential is the effects of the True World Reality that is designed to control and suppress the knowledge and awareness needed to reach your Full Universal Potential.

There are 7 phases of understanding Conscious Awareness to be explored if you decide to travel down this journey of awakening.  The phases will contain brief descriptions of the subject with the intent of motivating you to subscribe to the free 7 day learning series of understanding these phases of consciousness with more detailed information.

The 7 Phases of Understanding

  • The Raw Facts
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Big Picture Summary
  • Behind the Curtain
  • The Invisible World
  • Master Plan
  • Potential Outcome


Brief definition of each of the phases;

Phase 1-The Raw Facts;

This first phase is the basic starting point of your journey of collecting and analyzing new raw facts through new and alternative sources reflecting the true realities and full potential that exists.

Phase 2-Connecting the Dots;

This phase focuses on connecting the various new truths and new facts together as they relate to each other, much like completing a puzzle. This begins to form different scenarios to your previously belief system, thus changing your mindset and awareness of preconceived realty.

Phase 3-Big Picture Summary;

As you continue to collect and analyze additional raw facts, along with connecting the dots, you begin to recognize a more complete Big Picture Summary of the realty of the world. This new Big Picture Summary is broken into 5 levels which will be explained in the seven day learning series.

Phase 4-Behind the Curtain

Once these 5 levels of the Big Picture Summary are identified, you begin to lift that curtain of control that shielded you from uncovering the true realities of awareness, similar to that hidden control behind the curtain in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” One must ask themselves, “Who is behind the curtain?” Said another way, “Who is They” that control the curtain covering the world?

Phase 5-The Invisible World

What does the Invisible World really mean? It would be too difficult to explain the totality of this issue within this brief outline. I will highlight just one critical component of the Invisible World which is the reality that there are both visible and invisible wars happening in parallel of each other all the time. What we are not cognizant of is the degree of the invisible wars.

Much of what we see in the visible world is not real nor true. In turn, much of what is real and true is in the invisible world which we lack conscious awareness of.

Phase 6-Master Plan;

It is through growth and maturity of Conscious Awareness that opens your mind to the understanding of the master plans being executed by unseen hands in an Invisible World.  An opened awareness helps one identify the controlled media’s visible false messages and its control over the mass population’s mindsets and beliefs. At this level it becomes difficult for individuals to grasp and believe what they don’t want to believe.

Phase 7-Potential Outcome;

Interesting enough there are a number of potential outcomes that can manifest themselves at both an individual level and collective level. What drives these potential outcomes is the degree of development of an individual’s Conscious Awareness and the magnitude of the group’s collective Conscious Awareness. This is not only a powerful level of understanding, but also one of the most important levels to be cognizant of.

There is abundantly more new learnings that can raise your level of awareness should you incorporate this new knowledge into your life. Our next book called, Achieving Universal Wisdom is an in-depth study of the 7 levels of achieving your Full Universal Potential.